Ayokay Creative specializes first in analyzing and then amplifying what already makes your business successful. We can distill these elements into a cohesive, unified narrative and show you how to leverage your location, your existing customer base, and even your employees to uncover hidden revenue that is already out there, searching for you.

There are many technology companies offering the same “copy and paste” plan that they have sold to countless others before you. They are concerned about their numbers, not your message. So if the message they sell you doesn’t reflect the unique personality of your brand, connecting with your customer base will be impossible.


We’ve reconciled our marketing strategic plan with your business’s mission(s) and objectives. We’ve planned, focused, and strengthened the roadmap to your end vision. Now you can rely on Ayokay to not only create your marketing plan, but navigate it to completion. Once a plan is in place, we design around your brand, never losing site of what made your business yours. Website designs are then implemented into an easy-to-use Content Management System.

With vast experience in web design & development; print & online marketing; content creation; and building business through online & social networking, your business is in the right hands.


A beautiful website is completely useless without visitors. In contrast, a site receiving thousands of hits per day but generating no activity is equally bad — if not worse! If you fail to consider the actual human element of business-to-customer interaction, your efforts are wasted.

Ayokay can help maintain a constant flow of meaningful content and optimize your site for higher rankings on search engines. We plan and implement lasting strategies to increase the number of loyal, engaged customers who will advocate and support your brand.

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