Is Custom Development the Right Path for You?

You’ve Got Complex Business Processes

Business operations these days have many layers. Companies need advanced integration and collaborative capabilities. Custom development is the ticket to covering all your bases — without having to compromise.

“Ordinary” is Not Your Thing

Custom development is about breaking through the confines of conventional. You built a brand to stand out — so why create a digital asset that blends in?

Business Growth is on the Horizon

A business can only grow at the pace its technology allows. Custom-built assets are designed

Your Data Management Needs Are Expanding

Data is the world’s most valuable resource. For industries that live and die with data management, a custom solution can be the key to staying in tune with fast-changing requirements.

Ayokay’s Pillars of Custom Development

Website Design & Development

Your website is the digital face of your brand – templates and mass-produced themes will only take you so far. Custom website development gives you the ability to stand apart from competitors and bring something fresh to the industry.

Custom website design & development is our core forte. No matter what you’re looking for – we’ll create a site that puts your best foot forward.

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Custom Application Development

A custom application can be the answer to all sorts of problems. Custom apps should fit the brand like a glove, reduce overhead, increase productivity, and pass value onto customers.

Ayokay’s custom application development process is formulated to understand the root of your business obstacles – and deliver the perfect solution.

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eCommerce Development & Software Integrations

eCommerce websites are easy to set up but difficult to master. A custom build with proper eCommerce integration will give you the capabilities you need and a shopping experience visitors love.

Online customers want the same thing: a secure website that’s easy to navigate. Ayokay will make this the status quo in your eCommerce store.

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Mobile App Development

The mobile app market isn’t as forgiving as it used to be. The fine line between exceptional and subpar takes no prisoners. Custom mobile app development is the bridge between a good idea and a profitable reality.

Ayokay’s non-conventional developers are here to turn your vision into the next greatest app.

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Our Best Projects

  • MaskCount™

    Ayokay worked with the Regenstrief Institute to design and develop a website for their new app.

  • PhotoPXL

    Web Design, Development, Branding

  • Family Leisure

    Ayokay worked with Family Leisure to move e-commerce platforms, develop custom software integrations and increase conversions.


Our Custom Development Process


Introductory Discussion

Every Ayokay development project starts with a friendly chat. This is where we’ll get a feel for your vision – and if we’re the right custom development agency for the job.


Set Goals

Our developers will work closely with you to set up SMART goals for the custom build – both in the short term and the long term.



We’ll build out a roadmap for your custom solution – detailing what it will look like, the problems it solves, and how the user experience will bring it to life.



With a rock-solid plan in place, our custom developers will begin bringing your new digital asset into the real world – keeping you involved with frequent updates.



Once everything is ready, Ayokay’s team will roll it out and make sure it’s properly incorporated into your processes.



A custom development project doesn’t end when a platform is launched. Our developers stay in the background making sure it works perfectly day after day.

“At Ayokay, we know that cookie-cutter designs are a recipe for mediocrity. We’re all about customization and creating something new with every project. The perfect website skillfully blends creativity with an excellent user experience - and we’ll ensure that yours does with a tried-and-true website redesign process.”

Jack Shepler

Ayokay's Founder and Chief Strategist

Jack Shepler - Ayokay's Founder and Chief Strategist

Let’s Create Your Perfect Digital Solution

Custom development might be the answer to your biggest bottlenecks. Ayokay is here to help you find that answer.

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