Custom Development

Your business is unique, and so are its needs.

Does your organization need a streamlined online process? Could a new system help your business harness information more efficiently? Is the current system costing more than it’s worth to your bottom line?
The reality of today’s business world is that brands must continuously strive to stay cutting edge within their industry. Failure to do so is essentially opening the door for competitors to take over the market.
Ayokay is made up a
cohesive team of analysts,
talented developers,
result-oriented project
We are consistently optimizing our methodologies to offer a superior level of accountability throughout the entire development cycle.
Our team will work with you to understand your exact business needs and objectives to conceptualize, design, and execute a solution that serves you well for the long term. We offer top-to-bottom services in regards to customer application development, e-commerce integration software, and mobile app development.

Custom Application Development

The digital world is advancing quickly and dynamically. Ultimately, businesses are only as good as the systems they have in place. Each requires a bulletproof strategy to streamline processes and ensure fruitful results time and time again.

No two businesses are exactly the same. A solution that works wonders for one may very well be completely useless to another. For this reason, every brand stands to benefit greatly from a customized system crafted specifically for their individual operation.

Custom application development involves a deep understanding of the requirements of each business and what elements apply directly to its particular objectives.

Our strategy is to take a steady, calculated approach to implementing a solution that won’t only help you remain competitive in your industry, but consistently keep you one step ahead.

The process includes:

  • Deep analysis of business needs
  • Coding
  • Solution specification
  • In-depth testing
  • Determination of feasibility
  • Implementation
  • Software design
  • Thorough maintenance

We know that finding and executing a custom system for your operation is only to tip of the spear. Software solutions are meant to be built on and refined as requirements evolve with the marketplace.

With continuous communication and transparent project management, we will periodically check-in and make sure your system is living up to expectations. Even more, our team will initiate collaboration to understand how your business model is developing and the ways we can improve your custom application to fit growing specifications.

E-commerce Software Integrations

E-commerce integration entails the coordination between a retailer’s primary platform and the back-end systems such as accounting and inventory. Many businesses opt to completely integrate these systems to ensure that pricing and inventory data is available to both customers and staff in real-time. This greatly helps organization prepare for increases in demand.

The underlying goal of this process is to enable a seamless, two-way flow of data between systems to make the entire operation more efficient.

E-commerce is one of the most difficult aspects of running a modern day business. Many enterprises have very particular sets of requirements in terms of software integrations. A one-size-fits all solution is seldom the case.

The benefits of an integrated system cannot be emphasized enough.

To name several:

  • Data is updated in real-time at the back-end of an operation whenever changes occur.
  • Tasks related to order value are automated.
  • Valuable CRM data is managed much more efficiently.
  • Marketing campaigns are executed automatically in relation to how people interact with your brand.

Our team understands there is a unique complexity attached to each e-commerce business. The process begins with sitting down and hammering out the details and motives of your operation in its entirety.

From the platform you use to sell products, to the data-backed insights that drive decision making, we will learn these elements down to a tee before we even begin to conceptualize your ideal e-commerce software integration.

Mobile App Development

It seems like there is an app for everything these days. It’s a safe bet that at this very moment, a good portion of the population is racking their brains trying to come up with the next groundbreaking app that reshapes the status quo of the world.

Mobile apps are one of the most prevalent developments of the 21st century. As smartphones came along and changed the way we live our lives, each app we choose to include on our devices serves a specific purpose.

When the “App Boom” was at its peak in 2008, people were downloading programs left and right. Fast forward to the present day, and people are MUCH more particular about the apps they use. In fact, recent studies have found that the average person only uses about nine apps in their day-to-day routine.

The result of this phenomenon is the bar for exceptional apps has been raised significantly.

If you choose to incorporate a mobile app into your business model, it cannot just be thrown together on a whim. App development requires an up-close and personal approach to create an interface that reflects your brand in a concise, useful, and enjoyable way.

Many businesses struggle with developing an app that speaks directly to their customer base. In order to do this correctly, our team of skilled developers conduct an extensive amount of field work to find the common threads for how your target audience interacts with the digital world around them.

From here, we will nail down everything possible about the typical visitor. This encompasses how they will navigate through the interface, the psychological triggers that drive action, and how everything will come together to achieve your business milestones.

Developing any mobile program requires an extremely granular sense of empathy. A poor UX will turn users away before they even get a chance to experience your brand and all of its messaging.

Of course, ongoing development of an app is crucial for prolonged success. Apps must be regularly updated to adhere to changes in the mobile landscape, user demands, increased standards of functionality, and much more. Our analysts will keep a close eye on shifts and trends, revealed through proper data mining, to ensure your mobile platform remains relevant for the long haul.