There’s more to it than magic!


Research & Understand
Your Business Model

At Ayokay, we live and breathe by the saying that success begins with a conversation.

Before we even start talking strategy, our first order of business is to sit down and have a detailed discussion and learn as much as we can about you, your business model, current pain points, and plans for the future. The insights we pick up from this talk are crucial in determining the direction of our efforts and how we can make sure you get the results needed to bring your business to the next level.

In addition to understanding everything about your brand, a key ingredient to a successful strategy is being up to speed on everything going on in your industry, as well as the trends and emerging technologies influencing the digital ecosystem.

Every day, we make it a point to dedicate a chunk of time to catching up on the latest news and finding the deeper meaning of how it applies to our processes.


Identify Goals

Once we learn everything we need to know about your project needs and desires, ideation begins.

We like to approach this phase with a wide scope. The initial part of an Ayokay ideation meeting can be described as a “no holds barred session” where we use our research to suggest potential outcomes, areas of uncertainty, and the proper steps put a plan into motion.

Throughout the goal identification process, we like to refer to the S.M.A.R.T acronym.

We will clearly outline our objectives and the appropriate paths for reaching them. While our approach is to think big in terms of end results, we will not set anything in stone unless it is within our grasp.

We know that each goal comes with a list of smaller milestones that make up the big picture. Every detail of these goals will be communicated and approved on both ends before anything is put into action.


Collaborate & Listen

In our field, we are fully aware that no two projects are alike. Every single strategy we create requires an incredibly close attention to the finer details to get the best results.

When it comes to formulating solutions that fit the precise needs of our clients, the most important thing we can do is promote a back-and-forth mentality based on open communication and collaboration for every step of the way. Ultimately, success depends on our ability to keep everyone on the same page with a common vision.

As soon as we come to terms on the ideation stage, our plan will narrow down into conception.

This involves planning out each part of the plan in extreme detail. Our goal in this stage of the process is to solidify a viable prototype that accurately reflects your brand values and ambitions. At the end of the day, fruitful innovation only works if efforts are 100% focused across the board.



When it’s finally time to put our plan into action, we know that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you’re launching a new website, starting a marketing campaign, getting your e-commerce store up and running, developing a custom application, or anything digital-related, implementation is a VERY exciting time where all the pieces begin to come together. Once your project hits the airwaves, there can be all kinds of pressure in terms of meeting expectations.

At Ayokay, we understand this concept to a tee. We won’t implement a solution unless we have all the necessary information and insights to ensure a smooth release. After all, we want to see your brand succeed just as much you do!



It’s no secret that the current world we live in runs on big data. In fact, some even consider data to be the 21st century equivalent to resources like oil or gold!

The moment your digital solutions go live, the second half of our strategy kicks off.

The second half refers to monitoring exactly how our creations perform across the web in relation to the defined key performance indicators (KPIs).

At Ayokay, we take big data analytics VERY seriously. The digital universe is an entity that moves at uncanny speeds. Consumer mindsets and platforms are changing by the minute. If we aren’t keeping tabs on data-driven results, falling behind the times is all but inevitable. In order to ensure your project remains successful over its lifespan, everyone involved needs to remain in the know.

Understanding what certain data means to your brand isn’t exactly a simple task. It’s incredibly easy to get overwhelmed by all the numbers. Our team prides itself on the ability to look at complex datasets and read between the lines for critical insights.

Throughout the existence of your solutions, we will keep you up to date on our findings and consistently provide expert advice on the next move.



As previously mentioned, the digital world changes like crazy. When we are planning out our approach, the one commonality in nearly all of our projects is that we will need to be prepared to optimize for success.

Throughout our process of vigorous monitoring, our team will pinpoint the areas that need to be tweaked in order to adhere to the current state of the market or domain.

Optimization is an area we hold in the highest regard. In many cases, adjusting even the tiniest detail can make a world of difference to your bottom line. Our mindset is that optimization MUST be backed with proper intuition rationalized by hard numbers. Once all parties agree on the course of action, we will take the appropriate steps to ensure your project continuously meets your goals.


Let’s talk

As we always say, success begins with a conversation.

One of our greatest strengths at Ayokay is our people skills and the ability to empathize with clients throughout the entirety of projects.

If you’re interested in boosting your brand presence on the web, we would love to arrange a call and get to know more about you and your business aspirations!

Drop us a line today!

  • Ayokay is a very professional team that will educate and show you that your website is more than just 'window dressing' for your business — that it also needs to be an integral part of how your business functions.
    Troy Reed
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