We have some pretty amazing clients that say nice things about us!

  • Karl Hofstetter, Joyful Noise Recordings

    Ayokay’s ability to creatively approach and expertly execute website customizations has helped our business immensely.

    Karl Hofstetter
    Joyful Noise Recordings
  • Andrea Anibal, Regenstrief Institute

    We are in a unique niche at the intersection of healthcare and academic research, so one thing I have been pleasantly surprised by is the depth to which they are willing to go to comprehend the nuance of what we do in order to develop solutions in the best possible context.

    Andrea Anibal
    Regenstrief Institute
  • Noah Williams, Family Leisure

    The one-on-one planning and speed to complete projects is very impressive! And the results that we have achieved are second to none. We immediately saw a 50% boost in online revenue and continue to grow every year by more than 15%.

    Noah Williams
    Family Leisure
  • Sarah Deaton, Zespri Kiwifruit International

    Ayokay not only built us an award-winning website design — over the years they have provided a great content strategy that has helped us grow our audience online. Recommended!

    Sarah Deaton
    Zespri Kiwifruit International
  • Jason Grisell, The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis

    The websites Ayokay makes actually reflect the organization that it’s meant to represent. The deadlines are met, we’re pleased with the services and the product they delivered to us. They do a great job.

    Jason Grisell
    The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis
  • Henry Goble, OneWifi

    Ayokay’s passion for creating great things impreses me the most. They are not afraid to try something that hasn’t been done before. They’re also experienced enough to have the knowledge of what works and what may not.

    Henry Goble
  • Diana Moss, Guidon Design

    I was surprised when Ayokay came to our first meeting armed with a strategy for approaching our needs and showed that they understood our existing strengths and weaknesses. Our website is modern, easy to navigate, and we receive lots of compliments on it.

    Diana Moss
    Guidon Design
  • Jeff Rodgers, Metropolitan Music & Cinema

    Even with the complexity of the project,  Ayokay’s guidance made the process much easier than anticipated. I have been most pleased with Ayokay’s work.

    Jeff Rodgers
    Metropolitan Music & Cinema
  • Troy Reed, Pigstale Charcuterie

    Ayokay is a very professional team that will educate and show you that your website is more than just ‘window dressing’ for your business — that it also needs to be an integral part of how your business functions.

    Troy Reed
    Pigstale Charcuterie
  • Dave Fagel, OCC Outdoors

    Ayokay took the time to understand my products and who my customers are, unlike other companies I’ve worked with. I have recommended them to several people.

    Dave Fagel
    OCC Outdoors
  • Chris Morehead, President, Indy Pride Inc.

    Ayokay led our organization to increased revenue and attendance through more consistent and strategic communication lines.

    Chris Morehead
    President, Indy Pride Inc.