Online Positioning and SEO Strategy

It’s all about refining your web presence to achieve your online business goals.

Online Positioning - Stay in
Front of Your Customers’ Eyes!

These days, online positioning can make or break any company, brand, or organization. The constant goal is to pinpoint a distinctive place for your messaging in relation to what your target audience is looking for. In essence, an effective strategy puts your content and unique value proposition at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Research has shown us that over 90% of online searches do not go beyond page one of the Google SERPs. If you occupy one of the top spots, you’ll be in an incredible position to gain more visibility, increase footfalls on your website, enhance your brand image, and ultimately, get more conversions. This is what makes proper positioning in the digital space one of the most effective ways to promote and expand the reach of your messaging.

However, before rushing into a strategy, it is necessary to get a few things clear.

For one, you need to understand exactly who makes up your target audience. What are the key traits that define them? How do they consume online content?

Second, you need to have a firm grasp of your core competencies. What exactly do you do that distinguishes your brand from everyone else.

Third, how do you compare to similar brands and businesses of which your target audience follows? What are the common threads that make them successful?

Answering these fundamental questions is critical in determining the direction of your plan.

Get Enhanced
Online Positioning
with Ayokay
Leading the Way

At Ayokay, we boast years of refined experience working in the digital landscape. Our veterans can confidently improve your brand’s online visibility through a number of highly-effective tactics. Using a versatile combination of both paid and organic approaches, we will make sure you see a steady increase of qualified website traffic as your messaging progresses.

Reasons to choose Ayokay for online
positioning and SEO

Our team of professionals are highly-skilled in working with the search engines. We constantly stay in-tune with Google’s latest algorithm updates and marketing criteria to provide you with the solutions you need.

We constantly look for new and innovative tricks to help your messaging find its way in front of your ideal customers’ eyes.

Ultimately, we know that online positioning all boils down to the content on your website and throughout your marketing campaigns. We place a heavy focus on creating relevant, trustworthy, and informative content that helps you reach the top of the SERPs.

A Glimpse of Our Online Positioning and SEO Activities

Constantly staying on top of the trends.

Conducting keyword research and planning

Creating suitable HTML tags

Optimizing content and text

Ensuring all coding is correct on your website

Carrying out link building exercises

Performing thorough SEO audits

Running competitor keyword analysis

Reviewing and recommending the best website architecture

Including high-quality graphics to match the text

Reducing page loading time

Monitoring and analyzing results

Drop us a line at your earliest convenience to speak with our executives about how we can help boost your online visibility and bring your business to new heights.