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What Our Customers
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Our project was very complex. One where we would need to integrate several different focuses into one cohesive site.

From articles to the forum and workshops to the community and store, everything had to flow seamlessly. We wanted our community to feel like everything they wanted and were interested in was easy to find and easy to use. Ayokay accomplished it!

Debra Fadely
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The professionalism and quality of work continues to astound me.

I have worked with Ayokay for numerous years in many capacities. If you haven't give the Ayokay team a look for your next endeavor you are definitely missing out.

Chris Morehead
Indy Pride
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Our three-step approach to
Driving your success.

We’ve spent years fine-tuning our process to provide the very best level of service. Here’s how we do it.


Research and Identify

Much like a great first date, Ayokay’s process starts with a friendly get-to-know-you conversation. Our digital marketing services revolve around a dedication to your business’s specific needs, which means we need to understand all the ins and outs. We'll identify your current challenges, opportunities, and key objectives for the future.

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Once we know your business like the backs of our own hands, it’s time to bring all of the pieces together. We’ll work closely with your team to meet deadlines and expectations. Whether we’re developing a custom application or getting your e-commerce store up and running, we’ll work efficiently and carefully to get it done right the first time.

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Monitor and Optimize

Our digital marketing services don’t just fade away after we implement a project. We’ll continue to survey your analytics and provide insights to continuously improve your online presence. Together, we’ll optimize your marketing strategies for the highest level of success. We’re always working towards bigger and better things on behalf of your brand.

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Powerful case studies of
Ayokay clients

Zespri KiwiFruit needed a new site that showed off its product, especially to those who may not have experience with kiwifruit. After initially providing an in-depth SEO analysis of their old site as well as sites from their competitors, Ayokay custom developed a unique, engaging web design with a fun and exploratory user experience, just like Zespri!

Powerful case studies of
Ayokay clients

Regenstrief’s website traffic increased over 250%, with organic traffic increasing over 167%. They have also received media attention from publications such as the New York Times, NPR, and Politico.

Powerful case studies of
Ayokay clients

Family Leisure

Ayokay developed a new website for national pool, billiards, tanning and home recreation giant Family Leisure. Our work involved developing a great user and administrative interface with a focus on SEO, increasing conversions and implementing custom solutions to integrate with their in-store systems.

To us, you’re more than just another digital client.

A Creative,
Flexible Approach

We're adamantly against cookie-cutter tactics. At Ayokay, we value big-picture problem solving and result-oriented strategies. You might have partnered with an SEO service provider before, but did they really highlight what makes you special as a brand? We will - with creative, personalized strategies.

Access to Knowledgeable Professionals

Ever wish you had a crystal ball to foresee your company’s future? Well, our experts are the next best thing. We have experience with virtually every aspect of digital marketing. We’ve been around the block a time or two, and we’re happy to share our hard-earned knowledge with your company.

Innovative Methods
for Solving Problems

We’re firm believers that every business has unique challenges. That’s why Ayokay tailors digital marketing solutions to provide simple – but powerful – game plans for every kind of brand. Our critical examination process allows us to craft strategies focused on your goals and opportunities.

A Commitment to Results and Security

At the core of Ayokay lies a strong dedication to our clients. We partner with brands for the long-term, and we commit ourselves whole-heartedly to producing stellar results while keeping your website and data safe. Together, we’ll tackle big dreams with high-value, cost-effective tactics.

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