Strategic Services

Before we get creative, let’s create a winning strategy.

Competing in today’s business landscape is no simple task. The rapid sophistication of digital technology over the past couple decades requires brands to think well beyond what’s going on in their own neighborhood. Nowadays, the scope of competition expands across worldwide industries.
Therefore, our strategic
approach is multi-dimensional.

Digital Strategy

Ayokay’s mindset to digital strategy involves a great deal of colossal thinking. While the granular tasks will dominate the day-to-day, the big picture goals will always involve bringing you and your brand as much exposure as possible.

The term “digital strategy” may sound like a broad term. However, success in this area requires an unrelenting attention to detail. Digital strategy requires a knack for understanding big data, transforming business direction around a developing market, and making sure brand messaging is presented to the most susceptible eyes.

Our team knows the challenges modern businesses face in the constant quest to stay relevant. Above all else, our expertise and capabilities enable us to foresee the next move and pinpoint the best opportunities to achieve your brand’s vision.

Site Architecture Planning

Your company website is the central hub of your entire digital strategy. The quality of your site architecture plays a critical role in your online visibility. Not only is this important from a UX perspective, it determines how well the search engines can crawl your pages to impact your ranking on the SERPS.

Every website has a defined structure. Often times, the finer details of this structure tend to go unnoticed or placed on the backburner. In reality, a poor or disorganized website can render much of your online marketing efforts useless. With this in mind, creating a streamlined architecture must be a top priority.

As the major search engines are constantly refining and updating their ranking criteria, planning and designing site architecture requires an incredibly versatile approach. One of the main components of our job is to constantly stay up-to-date with the trends and breakthroughs on the web. Our team places a high value on comprehensive testing and research to determine the factors most influential in bringing your online presence to worldwide recognition.

Online Positioning & SEO Strategy

Did you know that 75% of users never go beyond page one of a Google search?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is by no means an exact science. The algorithms search engines use to determine rankings is one of the biggest mysteries in the world of digital marketing. To remain competitive, experts must constantly test and reformulate their theories to position businesses in a way that makes them stand out.

Our SEO team has one constant goal: get your brand on page one of the search results.

Our process involves conducting in-depth website audits, while learning about your customers and their search intent. With this insight, we will optimize the entirety of your platform to ensure your messaging is positioned in the right place at the right time for optimal results.

Brand Strategy and Development

A brand strategy is a lifetime investment. Fruitful development involves a seemingly-endless amount of short term goals working together to achieve bigger milestones.

Your brand is much more than just a product, service, logo, website, ect. In fact, much of what it entails is intangible. Ultimately, brand strategy is what separates the great from good.

At Ayokay, we know that achieving this status is an art form.

The truth of the matter is your brand will likely evolve and redefine itself over the years. Our philosophy for development is based on six major components.


At the basic level, all businesses need a purpose to drive their efforts. In today’s vigilant marketplace, standing above the crowd requires more than just making promises. It involves clearly conveying your purpose and what keeps the spark going day-in and day-out.


People buy for emotional reasons. Instilling an emotional factor throughout your strategy is what builds strong relationships, and ultimately, creates brand loyalty.

Competitive Awareness

One of the key factors in a brand strategy is being in-tune with what is going on in the industry. The never-ending process of brand development involves knowing how your competitors are interacting with the market, and finding creative ways to top them.


The key to developing a brand strategy is remaining relevant to your audience. Regardless of which platform you use to promote your unique messaging, it must be done in a strategic way that continuously advances brand recognition.


We cannot emphasize enough how quickly the online world changes. Strategies that worked like magic one day can be completely obsolete the next. Therefore, brand development must be extremely flexible to adapt with the trends.

Big Data

Each and every decision made throughout brand development should be driven with data-backed insights. Our experts draw on a wide range of historical information to predict opportunities for future advancement.

Content Strategy

From the wise words of Bill Gates: “Content is King.”

Content marketing is perhaps the biggest buzzword in business today. Everything you produce should aim to showcase your expertise while conveying a unique persona that sets your brand apart.

A content strategy must be planned out very carefully in order to gain significant traction. Our team understands the profound level of research required to ensure your messaging is promoted to the fullest extent. Whether it be knowing what type of medium to utilize, where to circulate it, when to publish, ect, we will make sure all the stars align so your content propels your brand into the mainstream and beyond.

E-Commerce Conversion Optimization

E-commerce is an incredibly fascinating area of modern-day business. Being that it’s still very much in the infancy stages of development, businesses are constantly looking for answers.

The reality is online shoppers can be extremely difficult to read. Conversion-based optimization requires constant attention and the ability to read between the lines. Ayokay knows the full extent of the little factors that go into a high-performing e-commerce platform. We will continuously create, test, and refine the approach to pinpoint the most effective strategies that turn visits into conversions.

  • Ayokay took the time to understand my products and who my customers are, unlike other companies I've worked with. I have recommended them to several people.
    Dave Fagel
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