Did COVID-19 Change the Way We Design Our Websites?

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the world in many ways, including the design and structure of public spaces, facilities, and homes. The design changes have worked their way into where people spend most of their free time, too — websites.

The best web designers and developers stay on top of the latest trends impacting how people use digital tools and interact online.

Ayokay’s design team has always monitored emerging web design trends. These changes in web design will suit the changing times and evolving consumer habits.

Here is how website design will continue to evolve:

More Video, More Connection

Video has become ubiquitous because it proved to be a safe way to connect with the world during lockdowns and quarantines. This played a significant role in the success of social media platforms that used video content.

TikTok, with its user interface design and short clips, became a fast favorite for millions. Instagram Reels and Facebook Reels followed, making videos more popular than ever before. Most websites have now integrated video technology to make their sites more dynamic and engaging.

Visitors value videos and images in web design. In fact, 21% of website visitors consider video a vital element of a webpage, and the combination of typography, colors, and dynamic imagery encouraged users to browse for longer periods.

Customers respond to websites that have a dynamic design – with 60% preferring customer interaction through multiple channels, devices, or platforms. If your website design strategy includes video, user engagement will likely increase and be more consistent.

Phones Matter Even More

With nearly five billion mobile users worldwide, mobile-friendly elements in website design are now non-negotiable.

During the pandemic, mobile usage increased exponentially. As physical interactions became limited, smartphones and other mobile devices became vital everyday companions. They were used for communication, essential services, education, and work.

This massive shift to mobile gadgets is informing web design trends in 2023. With 78% of customers using mobile devices to browse online, web designers created mobile responsive sites to ensure interest and engagement remained high.

Web design services have streamlined their aesthetics with these changes in mind. The focus is on creating fast, responsive sites that look great on mobile devices.

An Emphasis on Local Services

Customers support more local small businesses than ever. Around 56% of consumers now buy more from neighborhood stores, and many prefer buying locally-sourced products.

As a consequence, web design for small businesses now emphasizes locality. Local SEO tactics and a streamlined web design process help SMBs thrive. With location landing pages that integrate maps, blogs from local personalities, and calendar events, they can more easily target nearby audiences.

Because these business websites cater to their local needs, consumers will feel seen and will be more likely to support these brands.

Users Are More Easily Overwhelmed

At the height of the pandemic, many people found themselves overwhelmed by digital content. Mainly, the number of devices, apps, and subscriptions needed for communication, education, health, and even entertainment became quite stressful.

Surveys show that 32% of consumers are overwhelmed with all their online accounts, subscriptions, devices, and online interaction. The number is even higher for adults working from home and those caring for minor children. This stress can lead to issues with mental health, productivity, and digital fatigue.

As a result, creative web designs are being implemented – ones that provide a sleek and intuitive approach for the regular user. Color palettes and content blocking on web pages help calm the mind and are much less stressful to look at. These custom layout designs are easy to navigate and understand.

Custom web design services can create intuitive designs using customers’ experiences with similar products or technology. One example of an intuitive and sleek website design is Google. There are no extraneous elements on the page, and the space allotted for keyword search does not require any explanation.

Another example is Amazon. The search bar on top of the screen is easy to use, as is the list of product categories to the left. The checkout process could not be simpler, with clearly labeled buttons each step of the way. Finding related products is a breeze – there’s no need to overthink what you’re doing, and there’s no confusion about what you’re looking at.

Interactivity Is Crucial

More and more websites are integrating interactive website design elements, such as quizzes, polls, games, and raffles. These features encourage visitors to spend more time browsing web pages, which can increase customer engagement.

Many companies find that these customer engagement activities create a strong relationship between the brand and its audience. It strengthens the connection and creates more customer loyalty.

So now, businesses and organizations ask their web design company to use various features to engage their users, whether they are customers, students, or employees. People are now spending more time online because the interactive elements of a website, such as videos and animation, are also helping them communicate and stay informed.

As a result, consumers are enjoying new ways to interact online. Whether it’s through social media, answering surveys or polls on brand websites, or exchanging information and sharing ideas with other customers, these new habits have led to a massive change in the way websites are designed.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and how people live. It has also impacted how we communicate and use technology.

These changes have shaped how businesses market their products and services online. Video content, mobile-responsive design, local services, and simple, sleek, and interactive websites are well-equipped to increase user engagement and retain visitors for longer periods.

If you want to develop a website that incorporates all of these website design trends, Ayokay has you covered. Our team of experts can help you create a beautiful website that is optimized for the user and increases customer engagement.

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