Ayokay welcomes Philemon Ghebrehiwet to the team as the new web support specialist.

Philemon Ghebrehiwet recently joined the Ayokay team as our web support specialist. We’re excited to have him on our team and sat down with him to talk about his experiences that led him to joining the Ayokay team.

Q: What brought you to Ayokay?

A: I worked with similar startups before, so I got the sense that Ayokay was a growing company, which is great because not only can my opinions and concerns be heard, but also I have more legroom as far as being accountable for running projects or having input for designing. Especially when it comes to web design. I like that flexibility.

Q: What’s one thing that you wish people knew about your job?

A: I wish people would know that there’s a lot of variety at my job. It’s not just support. I’m helping to design for social media, for instance. I have more creative input when it comes to projects. And then there’s all the technical stuff, like fixing, rerouting.

Q: What are some areas you’d like to learn more about while at Ayokay?

A: Definitely more development and design. I’m learning that as we speak – I’m taking a wordpress development course. Once I have more confidence and skill in that, I will be able to tackle more projects. The more you do the more you grow. 

Q: One thing I’d like to highlight is your work with Code Black Indy. Can you say a little bit about what that is and what your experience with that was like?

A: Code Black Indy is a startup that promotes coding bootcamps in different schools and different organizations. Basically we’re just teaching the fundamentals to students who don’t have access to the tech industry at all. We try to present it in a way that they can digest, like video games, animation, mobile development. And then we teach them how to create, develop, or pitch a product. And for students thinking about working for a company, showing them how they’d show their portfolio. I did some of the web design for that project and I helped out as an instructor for high school programs. We probably had like 4 or 5 schools running and a couple of instructors. I taught students HTML and CSS development and how to build a website. 

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

A: Travel! The last big summer trip I had with my friends was to Germany. So that was fun. But COVID-19 slowed things down. 

Q: What do you think your next trip will be?

A: Something cool, like Costa Rica, Puerto Rico.

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