Regenstrief Institute

The Regenstrief Institute needed a website that reflected their status as a leader in the area of healthcare research and implementation. They also wanted to increase their online reach and grow their organic audience. Ayokay worked with the Regenstrief Institute… Read More

Family Leisure

Ayokay developed a new website for national pool, billiards, tanning and home recreation giant Family Leisure. Our work involved developing a great user and administrative interface with a focus on SEO, increasing conversions and implementing custom solutions to integrate with… Read More

Big Lion Wealth Management

Ayokay helped craft the brand identity for Big Lion Wealth Management, a new company looking to establish a distinctive presence in the financial services sector. Big Lion Wealth Management specializes in tailoring personalized financial solutions for clients’ unique needs and… Read More

Connect to Cure

Ayokay worked with several different stakeholders to create Connect to Cure, a project designed to help individuals connect to care coordinators across Indiana to get tested and treated for hepatitis C. Ayokay crafted a user-friendly website that served as a… Read More


Ayokay joined forces with The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis to combat the spread of mpox throughout Indiana. The project included marketing, branding, and a website, integrating both digital and physical advertising strategies to promote mpox vaccines at the Indy… Read More

Trusty Cook Website

Ayokay partnered with Trusty Cook to create a dynamic and versatile website that catered to various needs and audiences. The website not only needed to provide a seamless retail experience for consumers but also serve as a centralized platform for… Read More

IndyGo Foundation

Ayokay worked with the IndyGo Foundation on an exciting rebranding project to create a fresh identity that was visually aligned with IndyGo, while maintaining a distinct identity of its own. Our team carefully crafted a brand design that struck the… Read More


Spotlight is an annual arts fundraiser put on by The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis that raises funds for HIV prevention across Indiana. To help The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis put on its best event to date, Ayokay took… Read More